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Two and a Half Men: 12x2

A Chic Bar in Ibiza

After thinking about the proposal, Alan agrees to marry Walden. According to Walden, Alan has 9 out of the 10 things he wants in a spouse. They break the news to their mothers, Berta, and Jenny, who are all shocked by their announcement. As Alan is planning his perfect wedding, Walden nixes the elaborate ceremony and honeymoon plans. Walden explains that they have a “business deal” and the wedding will be in a courthouse. Walden then brings Alan a pre-nuptial agreement to sign. Alan is hurt that Walden doesn’t trust him, and runs off in tears. Evelyn tells Alan not to sign anything, saying she didn’t sign anything when she recently married Marty Pepper. Walden’s mother Robin tries to set him up with either her female or male assistant. Alan returns home and they apologize to each other. Alan signs the document, agreeing that Walden is the only one with assets worth protecting, and they confirm to each other that they are best friends.

Nov. 06, 2014

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